Thursday, July 18, 2013

Stand Your Ground - Or Not

I want to weigh in on the "stand your ground" laws. I also want to make this a logical discussion apart from the politico-media frenzy that has taken over insane TV. The race baiters are race baiting. The politicians are kissing up to their group du jour. The left leaning media is locked in a hard left turn. The right is doing just the opposite. I will try to do noneof that.

Stand your ground laws were written because people were getting prosecuted for protecting their own homes with legal firearms. Prosecutors seemed to feel that if someone invaded your home that you should run out the back door or hide under the bed. For some reason there are prosecutors out there that seem to take pleasure in going after reasonable people trying to behave reasonably under very difficult circumstances. They do not seem to understand that a person's home is their castle and not to be breached with impunity.

It is only with strict adherence to the Second Amendment that an individual has the full option of opportunities to protect home, property, and family. That is another reason that I am against restrictions on magazine size. To some people home invasion is a present threat. A five shot magazine is less helpful when six bad guys are kicking down your door. Honest people treat weapons in an honest manner. Criminals don't care about the law. That's why they're criminals.

When one is out on the street, "stand your ground" is a little bit more problematic.  On the street, your first line of defense should be situational awareness. Know what is going on around you, front, side, and back, at all times. Don't be walking down the street texting. Get those ear buds out of your ears. Be awake and be safe. Avoid confrontational situations. Just because you have a right to stand your ground doesn't make it mandatory.

If you are confronted try to open up space. If your attacker is within ten feet you will no have time to react. Under ten feet a knife or club is faster and more effective than a gun. Action will trump reaction every time. Unless you are a highly trained professional this is a dire circumstance. If you can turn and run, do it. It may save your life.

Good sense and precaution is better than "stand your ground". But "stand your ground" laws should remain on the books because there are times when that is the only option.

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