Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blogging Is A Tough Job

Sixteen months ago I decided to start a blog. I'm retired and needed something to do. I used to spend my time fishing and honing my shooting skills, but that became difficult. I had to move on to something else less physical. I have always enjoyed writing. A couple of times I was a flak for local political campaigns. Sitting at my computer in my skivvies and opining felt like a good game plan.

And so it began. I never look back at some of my initial efforts. I do not deal well with embarrassment. But I trudge on through the thicket of news looking for something that people would read about and where I can add to the subject at hand.

I have written about politics. I have written about economics. I have written about the "good old days". I have tried to keep moving the target so I would not get trapped, as some do, always writing about the same worn out subject. When criticizing politicians, a favorite pastime I admit, I have tried be even handed when I felt they had gone off on the wrong track. 

I have run into a massive stumbling block. First of all, it is normal to more heavily criticize the party in power because they make more headlines. They have more to lose, so they tend to go quickly to the cover up. Secondly, the party that has been in power since I started this effort and I have huge philosophical differences. Hey, I'm a conservative. I admit it. Thirdly, the present administration is generating scandals at a rate that would require a support staff, which I most assuredly do not have, to keep up with all the details.

So that is my problem. When I sit down to write it is hard to avoid writing about President Obama, his administration, his policies, his endless campaign speeches, his endless scandals, his inept support staff, or something else having to do with the happenings in our nations capitol. I really try not to be redundant. That is with the exception of Benghazi. I will forever be redundant about that, until we know the whole story or we have a new administration.

Mind you, I am not complaining. I love my blog. I truly enjoy writing and it is my fervent hope that people enjoy reading it. I think they do. I'm working up to twenty-thousand hits from seventy-five countries. So I must be doing something right. I thank those of you that read my blog for my small success. If you are of a mind, pass the link along to some of your friends. I'd love to have more readers. OK, I admit it. I was kidding when I said blogging is a tough job. It isn't. It is just a lot of fun.


  1. One of the best blogs on Obama and his so called administration.The American(and fraudulent)voters committed suicide in 2008 and just verified their suicidal feelings 2012.