Monday, July 22, 2013

Random Thoughts - Twenty-one

Kirsten Powers is a liberal columnist. She is one of the few who try to be realistic and write with a fair hand. With all the demonstrations about Trayvon Martin, she commented on Fox News Watch that conservatives only discuss "black on  black" crime when they are trying to attract the attention of the black community. Not true. Many conservatives would love to have open and honest discussions about what is one of the great tragedies of our time. If we make that attempt, we are accused of being a bunch or white racists trying to tell black people how to live. 

So the Consumer Financial Protection Agency is recording all your financial transactions. They have cameras that are tracking your movements. The NSA is recording all your phone calls and email. The IRS through Obamacare is tracking and keeping a database of your lifestyle and health information. The DHS now has a virtual domestic army, including armored troop carriers. The media is ignoring this. The Justice Department and Congress are allowing, maybe even encouraging, this. Does this not make people nervous? It scares the hell out of me.

The country has some real problems. Not the least of these is the scandal of the IRS being used for political purposes. Congress is investigating and every congressman, regardless of party, should be concerned with getting to the truth. It seems, however, that certain congressmen are more concerned with obscuring the truth or even shutting down the investigation.There is one with extra power of position that seems to lead the way to leave Americans in the dark. Shame on you Isiah Cummings.

There is a man in Washington named Ben, that has a tiger by the tail. Every day,  that tiger gets bigger and stronger. In spite of his sappy smile, Ben would love to let go of the tiger's tail, but he doesn't know how. He knows that when he does let go, it will be very messy, and he may get eaten in the process. Don't worry Ben. Your liberal friends will take care of you. It is the rest of us that will be the tiger's dinner.

I have never seen an infield like this year's Red Sox plug and play infield. They are a treat to watch even when the Sox lose.

If you are interested in the Whitey Bulger trial and mob activity in Boston, search out material written by Howie Carr. No one knows more and no one has written better about the whole of both the Irish and Italian crime families.

Please, stay on top of Benghazi. Americans were killed on American territory. That is huge and the administration wants to pretend it is nothing.

If you have an email account and a good imagination, you can make up an accusation against George Zimmerman and send it to the Justice Department email hotline. They are pretending that this is an investigation. Please, is this what this country is reduced to? Is this the best we can expect from this Attorney General? 

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