Sunday, July 14, 2013

Fishing For Publicity - Use Race Bait

Although he is referred to as the Reverend Al Sharpton, I have never heard him preach a sermon or even express a true Christian thought in public. The Reverend Al Started his career in 1969 under the tutelage of another race opportunist, Jesse Jackson. The activities of these men has worsened relationships between racial groups through pure exploitation.

In 1989 Sharpton came into his own as a race baiter when he sided with Tawana Brawly against a white law enforcement officer. He was in front of every camera he could find screaming for justice. When it was revealed that Tawana made up the whole sordid story, Sharpton was unabashed and carried on as if nothing was wrong. Look up shameless in the dictionary. You may see his picture.

Every time a person of color is accused of a crime or find themselves in a high visibility situation, within hours you will find the Reverend Al leading parades, shouting diatribes, and fanning the flames of human misery. Al has never let a good riot go to waste.

Al cares not how much damage he causes. The point is to keep him well publicized and the focal point of all things racial. If people get hurt and property gets damaged, so be it. That is just the price one pays for Reverend Al's support.

His latest crowning achievement was turning a terrible situation that had nothing to do with race into a racial catastrophe. He is so good at what he does that he even hoodwinked the President of the United States into helping him fan the flames even more. I believe that we only have the family of Trayvon Martin to thank that there weren't riots all over Florida. Thank God those kind and level headed people came out and publicly said riots would tarnish Trayvon's memory.

What is amazing is that the media continues to give the Reverend Al front page space along with camera and microphone time. MSNBC has even given him his own daily television show. Even more bizarre is that, contrary to network rules, he is allowed to take a personal part in the various situations he reports about. He has become a walking "self-fulfilling prophecy".

Race baiting is cruel. Race baiting is harmful. Those that do it, do it to line their own pockets and to keep themselves in front of the camera. As long as these race baiters are believed they will destroy more than they will help. The Reverend Al has long ago passed his "sell by" date.

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