Monday, July 1, 2013

Conservatives Must Stand Proud

There is a species of politician out in the world that claim to be conservative but they are merely Democrat lite. They have been called RINOs, Rockefeller Republicans, or middle of the roaders. All they are is appeasers. They snuggle up to Democrats hoping to get some droppings from the Democrat table. So, at any time, they will run to an opportune microphone and make a few slightly pointed comments. Finally they vote however their Democrat betters tell them to vote just to get along. They are more interested in keeping the perks of their office than actually digging in and fighting for the people that put them their plush positions. These people are not true conservatives. True conservatives should stand apart from them. Their opinions and their support are not to be trusted.

Under the category of,"if you tell the same lie, loud enough and often enough, it will be believed", liberals sing long and loud that they represent the intelligentsia of our country. Many are well educated. Many are very successful in entertainment. But they all seem to have a problem adding two and two without it coming out three or five. Also they seem to have a problem with complicated. That is why they all agree so readily. They don't seem to recognize all the options when a problem needs a solution. It comes down to tax it, regulate it, make it illegal, or give it away.

The liberals and their abettors in the press try to picture conservatives as knuckle dragging neanderthals. It doesn't help that President Obama refers to conservatives as enemies rather than the opposition. Most recently he referred to conservatives as "flat earthers". Those that disagree with him, and they are legion, are racists, misogynists, homophobes, Islamophobes, or Christian nuts clinging to guns and God. Not a pretty position for a President to take on thirty five percent or more of the population. In his mind, no one disagrees with him from a logical, reasoned, or moral position. His ego won't allow that.

The conservatives that I have known in my life have been educated but don't reside in ivory towers. They have been accomplished, but by doing, going out and creating business, solving problems, and moving the country and the world ahead. If I want a house built I'm going to find a guy that bangs nails for a living, not a guy that thinks profoundly about the physics of the nail. Liberals love committees. Conservatives take personal responsibility. Notice, when the Tea Party brings five thousand people to a park, the park is cleaner when they leave than when they arrived. When Occupy leaves a park, it is a pig sty.

There are some changes conservatives need to embrace. They must learn to love incrementalism. They must leave "my way or the highway" behind. They must unite against the real opposition when the chips are down. They must not allow themselves to be diverted from their objectives. They must play hardball politics every single day. Everyone must be on the same page. No rogues allowed. Above all, Conservatives must stand proud.

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