Friday, July 26, 2013

Kill the Eagles

There are beaches that cannot be used by people because they are being used by the Piping Plover. The nesting ground of this, not particularly attractive, not terribly rare, bird outweighs human desire to use these beaches for recreation. There are areas in Texas where they are not allowed to explore for oil because some little newt lives in the area. Logging is not allowed in areas of the northwest for fear of scaring the Spotted Owl. Now none of these critters is in danger of extinction but the government figures they got there first or something.

Now lest you misunderstand I am all for preserving nature. I just think some folks get a little driven on the subject. Some of these folks organize and raise money. Lots of money. They use that money to bend politicians to their way of thinking. Some politicians are easily bent. and fortunately for them, hypocrisy in not in their vocabulary.

Some of this money is used to convince politicians that fossil fuels are evil. So coal mines are shut down. That means that power plants are shut down. We are forced to buy oil from the middle east when we own vast pools of oil that we are prevented from using. We are prevented from building the Keystone XL pipeline, but a pipeline will be built across Canada and the product that we could use will be shipped to China.

The solution that those that think green propose to fill the gap in our need for power is renewable power, that doesn't produce carbon dioxide. In other words, wind power and solar power. That solution creates a few problems of it's own. First of all, these two power sources are not available in the required capacity. Second, they are a blight on the landscape. Third, they are extremely high and expensive maintenance and will ultimately fail and be left behind. Fourth, they are a huge exercise in hypocrisy.

If a businessperson had a business that put eagles, hawks, or migratory game birds in danger, and if that business caused the death of one of these birds, the business would be sued by the government and hit with confiscatory fines. Did you ever look at one of those wind farms? They have those huge blades swinging through the air like great long knives. They are proven bird killers. It is known but not reported as it goes against an agenda. Eagles and hawks are frequent victims. But this is OK with those in power because it fits their model.

From the air, to a bird, those big shiny solar farms look like a lake. The problem is that when they try to land on those lakes it is a hard landing that causes injury or death. But, I guess, that since it fits in with this administration's plans it is OK. So, as usual, there are two sets of rules. The Obama administration sets their rules as no rules. To them it is all right to kill the eagles. 


  1. Good one, Crank. BTW, the word is "hypocrisy". Use a spell-check before you publish. "Progressives" love to characterize conservatives as uneducated. Don't give them the opportunity.

    1. Come on. Look at the amount of words I crank out. Once in a while something is going to slip through. I'll try to be more careful. I promise.

    2. By the way, the ones that really scare me are homonyms. Does that make me a homophobe?