Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Random Thoughts - Twenty

The country is in serious trouble. There are not enough jobs. We are borrowing and spending money we can't afford on projects that we shouldn't be involved in. The government is turning into "Big Brother" on steroids. But the press keeps the focus on abortion, immigration, and gay marriage to cover for Obama and the Democrats. They do not understand that the country they will get is not the country they want.

Keep your eye on the Bernanke Bubble. They ran up a trial balloon last week and the market quivered and quaked. Now the Feds know that they have a tiger by the tail and have to continue what they are doing until after the next election or the Democrats will be destroyed.

Fox news did a great job with their Benghazi special. It was one of the best hours of news TV that I have ever seen. 

It was my understanding that Obama and his extended family were spending $100,000,000 of our money on a vacation business trip to Africa to bring back gazillions in new business opportunities for America. Really! I heard someone say that. I guess Mr. President didn't get the memo. But to make up for his huge expenses, military heroes and their families will not have fireworks on their bases to celebrate Independence Day. "Let them eat cake."

The Obama administration is not waging a "war on coal" according to Energy Secretary, Ernest Moniz. They are just forcing coal mines to close and shutting down coal powered electrical generating plants. But lest you worry, the White House has a great back up generating system, so our first family will be fine. I knew you would be concerned.

Nations spying on each other. Even friendly nations. I'm shocked and dismayed over such perfidy. Who would ever have believed it? I hope you got the sarcasm there.

When Hillary first ran against Barack Obama for the Democrat nomination for president, she carried a ton of baggage. As Secretary of State, she accomplished very little. The onus of Benghazi, as the President floats above the fray, adds another ton to the baggage she already carried. Sitting in front of a House committee and screaming in that shrill voice of hers, "what does it matter now?" should sink her ship to the deepest depths of the ocean.

Note to President Obama: We are all still waiting for the firing of those guilty parties in the IRS. I'm sure that will be first priority when you and your extended family get back from your vacatio (whoops) business trip.

Michelle Obama, while on her hundred million dollar vacation to places most of us will never be able to visit, complained that her life is like being in a prison. She should live the life of those whose money she is taking, those who are earning less because of her husbands failed economic policies. Those people that are taking stay-cations this year because they can afford no more than that. That is if they still have a home that hasn't been repossessed. "Let them eat cake."

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