Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Franchises Available

There is no such thing as terrorism. It was struck from the governmental lexicon over four years ago. And if there were such a thing as terrorism, Obama destroyed it. He sent out his Seals to kill Bin Laden. (I admit, I'm not totally convinced he is dead.) Then he sold the Seal Team to his friends in Hollywood so they could make a movie. Figuratively not literally. Even Obama couldn't get away with that. Then he sent out his drones to mop up some of the lesser lights of terror, along with those that were in the immediate area, to finish off that which is "not really terrorism".

We won! Al Qaeda is defeated. The "not a war on terror" is over. Except the war is not over. It is very not over! The heavy thinkers in the administration can call it what ever they wish, "work place violence", "man caused disaster", whatever the euphemism of the day provides, but we are still being attacked by terrorists and will continue to be. 

Obama did not defeat Al Qaeda, as he would have us believe. He rid the world of one man that was, at one time, the guiding star of Al Qaeda. That man ended up living in isolation with little or no power. His communications with the outside were verbal carried by couriers. His messages took days to deliver. Slow communications, in this day and age, ruins a leader's effectiveness. He had become a figurehead, no more.

Meanwhile, through the rest of the mid-east and Africa, Al Qaeda was becoming a franchise business. One of the first and most successful of these was Al Qaeda in Yemen. It then spread to the Islamic Maghreb, the area from Libya to Morocco. They are gaining strength daily in Iraq since we have abandoned that country. There is not a country, today, that has a strong Islamic population where Al Qaeda isn't organizing, recruiting, and growing in strength.

Unlike many other Islamic terrorist organizations, it does not appear the the immediate goal of Al Qaeda is the restoration of the Caliphate. They seem to understand the advantages of incrementalism and distributed effort. Trying to defeat them is like playing "whack-a-mole". One doesn't have enough hands to put them all down at once. They want to win one country at a time, while causing death and destruction to there enemies.

It is difficult, make that impossible, to defeat an enemy if you don't have the courage to name him. Our government has spent years trying to convince us that our terrorist enemy is the Tea Party, right-wing Evangelical Christians, returning veterans, anybody but Islamic jihadists. They have even built the beginnings of a domestic army in case we citizen terrorists get out of hand. Insanity, yes. But that is their mind set.

It is my true hope that some day sanity will return and we will have a government that is proud of America and it's people. A government that realizes that America wasn't built on the European model and that it will not work here. We need free enterprise and less government. We need a President with the courage to name the enemy and go to war against him when we are attacked. Until then, remember people, there are franchises available.

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