Saturday, July 27, 2013

Phony, Really?

Benghazi. Four men were killed on American soil including a sitting ambassador. This ambassador was refused additional security when he requested it. Troops were ordered to stand down rather than make an attempt to rescue American heroes under fire. The administration was able to get two drones overhead to monitor the battle but claim they were unable to supply air support to protect the consulate. Finally they cooked up a story about some dumb movie rather than admit Al Qaeda was responsible. And Obama calls this a phony scandal.

The IRS. The most feared and most powerful organization in government singles out conservative and religious groups to audit. They involve, not only the officers, but the entire organization. They ask intrusive questions well beyond the scope of their mandate, including their prayers and future political plans. They tie these patriots up in paperwork so deeply that they cannot function. They drive many of them to quit rather than go forward. When does this start? Two days after William Wilkins, IRS Chief Counsel and Obama appointee, visited the White House. And Obama calls this a phony scandal.

The NSA. The NSA is the most secretive and the most hi-tech spy organization in the world. They are presently building a new headquarters bigger than the Pentagon. It was leaked that they are monitoring and recording, without warrant, all telephone calls and emails generated in the United States. This is totally against the Constitution. The Fourth Amendment is supposed to protect us from this sort of intrusiveness. And Obama calls this a phony scandal.

"Fast and Furious". This goes a way back in time. Contrary to the administrations hopes, many of us have not forgotten this debacle. The Justice Department encouraged firearms to be smuggled across the Mexican border. The intent was to monitor where they went, make arrests, and recover the firearms. First they forgot to tell the Mexican government. Then they forgot to monitor the guns. Whoops. Two Americans and one Mexican mayor along with numerous civilians were killed by those guns. And Obama calls this a phony scandal.

Now I will tell you what is really phony. We have a President that travels all over the country and all over the world bragging about all of the great things that he has done. Actually, all that he has done is talk about these things. His actions belie his words. I have stated many times, don't listen to what he says. Look at what he does. And the Cranky Conservative calls this a real scandal. 

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