Saturday, June 11, 2016


Those of us who are really old or have an interest in cartoon movies may remember Disney's Fantasia. Remember, the movie with hippos in tutus dancing a ballet. I suggest that it is time for a sequel. I would call it Sycofantasia.

The main characters, of course, would be Bill and Hill. But it is the bit players who would make the movie a success. All of the sycofants (I know it is supposed to be ph, but that would spoil the theme. Artistic license.) who, over the years danced around the Clintons, doing their bidding and basking in the glow.

There is also the power of sycofancy. One can approach someone farther down the power chain and stare them in the eye and say, Bill said this or Hillary said that. Instant obedience. What a power trip. Almost as good as really earning it.

The danger in living a life based on sycofancy is that you are the human equivalent of Kleenex. To be used, soiled, and disposed of. Ah, the dangers of flying to close to the sun. Those wings of wax melt so darn easy at elevated temperatures.

The latest, and possibly the most powerful, are Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills. You have to feel bad for Huma. She was publicly humiliated by her husband, Anthony Weiner. Now she is under the gun, so to speak, with the FBI, a spot that Cheryl Mills shares. I hope that they don't think that when the pressure is on, Hillary will stand up for them. One must learn through history. How many of the old sycofancy gang are still around?

To get a real understanding of the results of subservience to the Clintons, one should ask people like Linda Bloodworth-Thomason, Bebe Rebozo, Bert Lance, and Vince Foster. Oh wait, you can't ask Vince Foster.

So the joy of sycofancy loses it's luster when the pressure is on. Being so close to the summit of the highest mountain brings a special thrill. But when the avalanche starts, you are swept away without a prayer to your name. Possibly, never to be heard from again.

I think that we all know so much about this movie that we can play it in our own minds. Just another American tragedy.

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