Friday, June 17, 2016

Calling All Patriots

Americans are being lied to and being led down the path to destruction and the end of our way of life. This is being done for a number of reasons, but primarily for a warped political agenda that rejects American exceptionalism. Those who are believers wish to bring us down and make us feel the pain.

There are many out there who know the truth but are coerced into silence because their livelihoods, and sometime their very lives, are controlled by those who would harm us. Right now, those who would deny America's greatness, hold the seats of power. 

Those out there, military, ex-military, law enforcement, the intelligence community, and honest politicians, if there are any left, that know the truth, must speak out before it is too late.

Government is erasing the terms sharia, jihad, Islamist, illegal alien, and others from official communications. We know better. Their denying an obvious truth does not make it go away. Blaming Christians, which they love to do, is so bizarre that no one believes it except those foolish fully indoctrinated souls. How many terrorist attacks have been committed by Presbyterians over the past decade?

What America needs now is for every true patriot and statesman to come forth and speak the truth to the power that is attempting to "fundamentally transform" America at a point where it didn't need transforming.

We, as citizens, need to end the practice of allowing career politicians. We need to return to the citizen politician who serves his country for a limited time, then returns to his previous life. We need no more hogs at the trough.

America is the greatest country on Earth. But we have been brought low. We need to go back to the practices and standards that made us great or we will have destroyed that "golden city on a hill". 


  1. Amen to everything you say here. Well said.


  2. I can tell I'm going to learn a lot from your blog. I'll share what I learn to everyone I know.