Monday, June 27, 2016

Come The Revolution

The revolution has started. And the global elitists are shocked and dismayed. Their schedule to bring us into their brave new world has been knocked  asunder. It was done by the proletariat, the great unwashed masses that they treat with such disdain.

Great Britain and the United States have always been leaders in personal freedom, well, at least for the past century. Both countries have seen these freedoms eroded at the hands of the liberal one-worlders.

Britain was far more affected than the US. When they became part of the European Union. their destiny fell under the control of faceless officials in Brussels who couldn't care less about the British people and British tradition. 

I don't believe that England ever fully adopted the EU concept. While every other member gave up their native currency in favor of the euro, England held firm on the pound. The British people have an affection for tradition. The greatness of their history was being homogenized into, just another country. Nothing special.

So, with native wisdom and tenaciousness, they took back what had been given away. Their nation, their history, and their pride.

The anger in England is reflected here in the United States. Those wily incremental elitists seem to have taken it a few increments too far. When the President travels the world, apologizing for us, ignoring Congress and the Constitution, and picking and choosing which laws will be enforced, the hackles on the necks of our own proletariat start to rise. 

We are angry. There is an election coming where, I feel, that the American people will vent that anger in no uncertain terms. At least that is my fervent prayer. Almost seventy percent of the population think that the country is on the wrong track. We will not correct this by voting in more of the same. It is time to turn the ship of state about and find a new course.

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