Monday, June 6, 2016

None Of The Above

How, on God's good green Earth, did the American people get ourselves into this position? The Republican party put up a number of decent candidates to run for President. One by one they dropped by wayside. Good people with the knowledge, experience, and temperament to be our nation's chief executive. They were all thrown aside in favor of a blustering egomaniac who lacks both the experience and the presence to be President. 

Meanwhile, the Democrat party has, through their choices, labeled themselves the geriatric party. Their obvious candidate is an elderly shrewish woman with a reputation for lying, who is also under the cloud of a double barreled FBI investigation. One investigation is for illegal activities in handling classified emails as Secretary of State. The other is for illegal activities as part of the Clinton Foundation.

Her greatest competition is an elderly Socialist to whom the Democrat party is a label of convenience. He has been a Socialist all of his life and a Democrat for only a few years. But he came out of the blue promising free stuff to the young and the ignorant who don't understand how many times Socialism has failed. And failed at great cost in human misery. Venezuela being the latest and greatest example.

Mr. Sanders has never worked at a real job in his life. Ms. Clinton did work as an attorney for a short time, but got into some difficulties. Other than that, both have fed off the kindness of taxpayers. At least Mr. Trump had a real job.  

I have said that I would hold my nose and vote for Trump. That decision becomes more difficult every time he opens his mouth. Which is frequently. I sometimes think we should be allowed to vote for "none of the above". 

But we must have a President. Over my life I have seen some pretty bad candidates float to the top. At no time have I ever seen a bunch that equals this sorry lot.

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  1. Everything you have said above is the truth. I, too, will vote for Trump simply because I feel i would be doing a great disservice to the country to cast a ballot for any of the other candidates. None of them are what i would prefer, but you choose from what is available. I also wish there was a none of the above that would force the parties to produce other candidates. I'm not sure this would work any better, but it couldn't hurt to try. Best regards to you CC.