Saturday, June 18, 2016

Hating the Bill of Rights

I am doing something that I have never done before. I am reprinting a blog that I wrote back in September of 2013.  It has been a popular read over time. But I think it is more important today than ever. We have a resurgence of attacks on the Bill of Rights as I write this. We are all familiar of the attacks on the first and second amendments. But now we have a liberal Democrat attacking the fourth amendment, "due process under the law". Democratic Senator Joe Manchin wants to eliminate "due process under the law " because it is inconvenient to his cause. The Republic is in mortal danger. And power grubbing politicians like this are the cause.

So here is my original blog:

The Framers of the Constitution, having finished their work, added the Bill of Rights at the suggestion of James Madison and the anti-Federalists. They felt a need to bring better focus on the rights given in the Constitution. And a  fine job they did. As a matter of fact, the first nine amendments itemize specific freedoms of the individual citizen. These first nine amendments may be the most important political documents, to the individual American citizen, in history.Liberals seem to primarily dislike the First, Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments. These are the ones that they target in legislation or ignore in execution. They will use the courts to get the support they need. Often, even up to the Supreme Court. The problem with the courts is that many of the judges are, themselves, liberal. Also, modern courts seem to have discovered that the Constitution has a "penumbra". I think this means that they think that the voice in their head is James Madison telling them the weird and wonderful things that they want to believe are in the Constitution. One will not find these ephemeral ideas by reading the Constitution.  Certainly, this must be a mental aberration.

There are a couple of reasons that liberals don't like the First Amendment. They do not feel that conservative speech is as important or correct as liberal speech. They know that liberal speech is important because it is generated by great intellects like themselves. And since they all hold the same views, they must be correct. Conservative speech, however, is generated by knuckle dragging Neanderthals. Liberals know this is true because they hate conservatives. Since conservatives are beastly types liberal should be allowed to malign them and assassinate their characters without response, as liberals are always correct. Ask them! The First Amendment also allows sneaky reporters to get information and report things that may be harmful to the liberal cause. That should not be allowed and they must be monitored by the Justice Department. After all liberalism must be protected.

The problems with the Second Amendment, protecting gun ownership, should be obvious. Allowing those stupid knuckle dragging conservatives to have firearms makes no sense at all to liberals. Now liberals that want them should have guns, or body guards with guns, because they may need protection. Let conservatives use clubs like they did in prehistoric times. After all they haven't evolved like liberals have. They are still thick and brutish. If you have any doubts, ask a liberal. Of course liberals ignore the fact that the crime rate goes down when citizens may be armed. Washington, Chicago, and Philadelphia all have strict gun laws and high crime rates. Only the cops and criminals have guns. Hows that working out?

The Fourth and Fifth amendments are sort of joined at the hip, so to speak. Just in case you don't have a Bill of Rights handy, the Fourth protects you against search and seizure and the Fifth protects you against self-incrimination. The liberal cant is that if you haven't done anything wrong you don't need those two protections. Just let them search your home and car. Just answer their questions. If you have done something wrong, you don't deserve those two protections anyway. Just think of all the nastiness that could take place if those Amendments went away or were weakened. You would be at the absolute mercy of anyone in power, from a street cop on up to the President. We have enough problems with out of control officials right now. We don't need to open the door to more.

We are blessed that the framers were intelligent, educated, and insightful men. They understood governance, both good and bad. They understood freedom and personal responsibility. This is not so of today's liberals. So that is why the liberals hate the Bill of Rights.

Remember and honor 9/11. Both the Twin Towers and Benghazi. Two attacks on America on American soil.

I feel badly that I have written so much in a negative vein lately. There has just been so much ugliness going on that those of us that do this are forced to follow the news where ever it leads. Hopefully happier times will come.

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  1. Good evening CC. Thank you for posting this one. I was not aware of your blog in 2013. I understand what you mean when you say that liberals/progressives hate conservatives. I have been accused of spreading hate for simply saying that some news commentators hope that perpetrators of violent acts are right wing conservatives. This attack came from a 'friend' i had known for 50 years. I had a supervisor where i worked in the 1990s angrily tell me that he found hate a useful emotion at the end of a short discussion of a political difference. I have also been told that my ideology is interfering with my logic after suggesting that our country had a spending problem, not a problem with not taxing its citizens enough. You are absolutely correct in what you say.

    I also appreciate your knowledge of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Each of them is so very important to our freedoms. Our freedoms are imperative to our ability to have a successful country.

    I believe that President obama has described the Constitution as being full of negative rights describing what the government cannot do. To me he misses the entire point of our Country and what it can do. The United States can never be the best it can be with someone as short sighted as he is, at its helm.

    Thanks again for your posts. I look forward to reading them.

    Take care.

    Roger Mills