Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Two

Every day, ask yourself, why are the liberal Democrats so intent on disarming honest and law abiding Americans? Then ask yourself, what do liberal Democrats want more than anything else? The answer to both questions is, power and control. Watch your back.

A piece of advice for those that find themselves getting older. The time may come when you can no longer swing a golf club or wade a trout stream. As the muscles weaken and the skin gets thinner, if you are very lucky, the mind will stay active. Never be one of the older folks who sit in front of the TV for hours and hours during the day. Write a book, learn a musical instrument, find something new in your life. Then you will have a real life in spite of Father Time.

Hillary Clinton broke federal laws. Katie Couric's producer broke federal laws to create their anti-gun TV show. Both should be prosecuted. If they are not, we are no longer a nation of laws, and we no longer have equality under the law.

I am just waiting for a male professional basketball player to decide he's feeling female and try out for a women's pro team. That should be entertaining. Meanwhile, politically correct foolishness has put women and girls in jeopardy, every time they wish to use a public rest room.

Meanwhile the Obama administration is putting the rest of us in danger by releasing thousands of convicted criminals onto our streets because it is so unfair for those poor souls to be in prison. We are not talking some kid who got caught with a joint here. We are talking murderers, rapists, and thugs of all stripes. Watch your back.

As the folks who were trying to support Donald Trump were attacked and pummeled by a band of paid thugs, the San Jose police stood by and did nothing. What happened to "Preserve and Protect"? It has been said that this was at the orders of the Chief of Police. If that is so, he should be relieved of duty and sent packing. He's supposed to be a cop, not a liberal activist.

Between two FBI investigations and Gary Byrne's new book, "Crisis of Character", I don't see how Hillary can survive. Maybe the President and the AG can stave off the FBI, but the book is coming and is already number one on Amazon best sellers list in pre-sales.

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