Friday, June 24, 2016

Good For The Brits

The rich and entitled elitist are all in a huff, running around screaming; "The sky is falling. The sky is falling." Their worldview of more money and more power for themselves has been threatened by the brilliant British hoi-palloi. 

They are brilliant. They wanted their country back and they found a way to do it. They are patriots. Each and every one of them.

One clue as to the rightness of their decision had to be when Barack Obama crossed the pond to order them to support the EU. Good old fashioned common sense told them that if Obama is for it, reasonable people should be against it.

In fact, it appears that the American people may follow the fine example of the British people and take their country back too. These elitists are pure socialist globalists. The European Union, with everything decided and controlled out of Belgium was just the first step.

William Shakespeare first penned the line, "first kill all the lawyers". Perhaps we would have been better off if he had thrown his barbs at oligarchs. The last thing the good people of this planet need is to live under a world wide oligarchy.

I'm sure that there are people that will look at this and think, "that is insane". Most people will not want to believe that that could ever happen. I feel that it is enough of a possibility that we need to be very careful, how much and to whom we mete out power. Absolute power does breed absolute corruption.

So, patriots of the world, love your countries and protect them. Freedom and independence is more valuable than gold. They are difficult to get and even more difficult to keep.


  1. Hey CC! I was happy for the Brits too! Perhaps both obamas will realize that when they encourage something it turns out to be the death knell of whatever they are supporting. The world elite and our own home grown variety of them are in need of being taken down several pegs! You have described this to a tee, as usual! Take care. Roger

  2. Hip hip hooray for the Brits. Freedom is still alive and fighting!