Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Resign, Mr. Comey

I think it is time for the Director, James Comey, of the FBI to resign. He is being used as a tool by the administration. It is beneath him to accept that treatment. He has always had a reputation for treating the law in an even handed manner and doing the "right thing" even when it was difficult. 

This latest brouhaha over the transcripts of  the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen's, calls to the police have left Mr. Comey in an untenable situation. Mr. Comey allowed the redaction of these published transcripts to protect Islam and to deceive the American people. Of course, it did nothing but make him, the FBI, the Attorney General, and the President looking foolish. It was all already public knowledge.

The first thing the President did, unsurprisingly, was to deny responsibility and put the whole mishagas on Loretta Lynch. Ms. Lynch, like a good soldier, took the hit to protect her boss. I doubt anyone expected anything better from her.

This administration is run like an old time mafia family. You have Don Obama at the center of things. He has a consigliore, Valarie Jarrett. There are also a bunch of capos around, working in the West Wing. Beneath them are the captains. Ms. Lynch would be one of those. Then come the lieutenants. Mr. Comey is one of them.

The Don never issues orders. He speaks to those closest to  him about the results he would like to see. One of his inner circle conveys a results oriented concept down to the captain responsible. This captain then gives a lieutenant orders. Deniable responsibility.

This same method is, without a doubt, being used to shield Hillary Clinton. The FBI has had more than enough time to investigate all charges. With one hundred and fifty agents involved, they must have come to a conclusion and should have convened a Grand Jury. But they haven't. Most people don't expect to see it anytime soon, if ever. The fix is in.

So, if Mr. Comey is the epitome of integrity, as he has been described. It is time for him to resign and go public. Please Mr. Comey protect America as a country under law.

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  1. Good evening CC. Director Comey should resign as he is no longer able to perform his duties because of the conditions he is trying to work under.

    Do you remember when Bill Clinton did to Janet Reno what Obama did to Lynch? It was after the Waco debacle.

    I wonder if Obama will decide to have hillary prosecuted for what must be a ton of wrongdoing? I am reading the Clinton Cash book written by Peter Schweizer. There is enough circumstantial evidence of bribes and other misuses of power in the part of the book i have read to put both clintons in jail for the rest of their lives if justice were possible.

    Take care and thanks for the thoughtful posts you write.