Monday, June 13, 2016

Legitimate Grievances, Really?

According to President Obama, the terrorists who are killing Americans have legitimate grievances. The President of the United States is making excuses for terrorists killing American citizens. An act for which there is no excuse.

The man that took an oath to protect the country and the Constitution has done neither. He cannot even bring himself to call them by what they call themselves, Islamic terrorists. It is apparent that he is doing more to protect them than to protect us.

He claims that poverty and lack of jobs is the root cause of terrorism. Except that most of these terrorists are educated. Many come from family money. The Orlando assassin had a decent job with a contractor to the Department of Homeland Security. And that was in spite of being investigated by the FBI for displaying terrorist tendencies. His family is well-to-do. Oh, and his father has a talk show supporting the Taliban.

But, our President claims, Muslims are still upset about the Crusades. There wouldn't have been Crusades if Muslims hadn't already conquered the Iberian Peninsula, half of Gaul, and killed and robbed Christians trying to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Lands. 

Nothing that I have written here is hidden knowledge. Every American student that gets a decent education knows all this. I am sure Barack Obama does too. But he makes a conscious choice to ignore the facts and jeopardize  American lives.

Islam itself is the motivation for these terrorists. All that they are doing, they are instructed to do in the Quran. Again, this is not hidden. You can download a Quran in English free from Kindle. Read the words that they live by for yourself. I have. It is chilling.

The other exampler for their behavior is the Hadith. The life and sayings of their prophet. I have not read that but have been told it is equally chilling.

So the American President is covering up for those who would kill Americans.  This country needs to shift gears. We have been going in reverse. We need to start moving forward with new, strong, America first leadership. Anything less will just cause more blood and pain.

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  1. Absolutely correct. President obama's strategy to defeat extremism has not worked. If it had succeeded, these continuing attacks would not be happening. He is too blind to see that he needs to change, lead or get out of the way so a more capable person can take charge and set us on a correct path.

    Thank God he was not leading us during WWII. Can you imagine where we would be? I shudder to think of the outcome.

    Thank you for pointing out the frightening aspects of the Koran. To my way of thinking, Islam is more of a cult than a religion. To my knowledge, nowhere in the Holy Bible are Christians encouraged to kill non believers or charge them a tax for their non belief. I fear that if liberals/progressives have their way the tax exempt status for Christian churches will be eliminated. This would be the equivalent of charging a tax for our non belief in liberal/progressive beliefs. Part of me wonders if they don't identify with Muslims in this aspect.

    Thanks for your post.