Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Silence Is Golden

"Silence is golden" is an old saw that seems to be lost in the general clamor. Also, Abraham Lincoln once said,"It is better to be silent and thought to be a fool than to speak out and remove all doubts".

I can understand people who have an impulsive personality. I have, from time to time, been accused of that failing myself. But Donald Trump takes impulsiveness beyond all limits, reasonable or unreasonable.

He claims he wants to be President. He claims that he has the skill set. What he cannot claim is a fitting temperament. He claims to be a counter-puncher. That only means one thing. He is thin skinned and quick to take offence. He strikes out and proves himself the fool.

We have had almost eight years of a thin skinned, verbose, and angry President. The American people want someone of a calmer more measured demeanor. That does not mean weak and uninvolved. It means thoughtful in plans and measured in words. It means using surrogates to handle the dirty work. The President, in a perfect world, should be like Caesars wife, above reproach.

Mr. Trump has a couple of sons that seem intelligent and dedicated. Can they not sit him down and have an intervention. Somehow someone needs to rein the candidate in. He may bask in all the attention and controversy. All of this may stoke up the passions of his most rabid followers. They will not win the election for him.

There is a great mass of Americans out there who are reasonable and thoughtful people. They want a presidential President. Right now, neither candidate is fulfilling that dream. If people turn away from Trump, as they may well do, because of his antics, he is handing the Presidency to Hillary Clinton. That would be a true American tragedy.

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