Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Our President and, most recently, our Vice-President seem to feel that we need not have a "War on Terror" as terror is not an existential threat. I must assume, by that statement, that by "existential threat", they mean a threat that is capable of totally destroying the United States of America.

Such a definition leaves very few existential threats in the world. Two at the most. But such ideas are generated by very fuzzy thinking. Both our President and our Vice-President admit that terrorism can cause damage. Both agree that many American lives could be lost.

We all know that these things have already happened with tragic results. But, it seems, that we are to accept these losses as the normal course of history and not strike back. Using such logic, the police should ignore robbery, rape, and murder on the streets of our cities and concentrate on what? Drug cartels and organized crime. The FBI should ignore white collar crime and concentrate on counter-espionage?

We are all America. Every one of us and every one of our institutions. An attack on one is an attack on all. In today's world, we all face existential threats every day. Our administration, with it's globalist mind set, cannot recognize this. They see themselves as looking at the bigger picture. The problems of the "little people" are a mere bumps in the road to that great one world government that will exist only in their addled minds.

There is no bigger picture. Our existence is a patchwork of little pictures. The lives of us all intermixed and interactive. Someday there may be a world government. But not in this century or the next. The European Union was a start to make that happen. That is already falling apart.

The President swears to preserve, protect, and defend. This President has done a poor job of it because he has his mind set on grander issues. Grander issues are getting us, as a country, no place. In fact we are regressing.

If we want to keep our life style. If we want a great and successful America we must staunch the bleeding and turn things around. The sooner the better. Because we do face an existential threat, it just comes from within.

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