Friday, July 29, 2016

The Cult Of The Thug

Thug is actually a very old word. It is derived from the word thugee. The Thugees were a cult of assassins that started in the mid-thirteen hundreds and lasted for about six hundred years. The Thugees seem to have started in Muslim countries but moved into India. As time went on, the cult was shared by Muslims and Hindus.

Today, we have a brand new thug cult. It has originated and has its base of support, right here in the United States. It may have started years ago with the Irish gangs of New York and later the Italian gangs, lovingly depicted in West Side Story, but rappers, extolling the gangster lifestyle, have driven it into popular society.

They told powerless and aimless young men that they could have power by acting the punk. By abandoning civilized standards and by raining violence down on the unprepared. Attack at random and make sure that the odds are long in your favor, is their mantra. Jail time is considered a badge of honor.

When one lives in poverty, with no role models, education, hope, or skills, grabbing what you want at the expense of others must seem like a viable alternative to having nothing. 

Now we have another group encouraging the thug life style. It is called "Black Lives Matter". It would better to call it, "Police Lives and White Lives Don't Matter". To make a bad situation worse, these misguided people have the encouragement of the President of the United States, the Democrat candidate for President, and much of the Democrat party.

This evil group-think will have to end. Society will not allow this level of violence much longer. When it ends, it will end badly. Many black lives will suffer. The pandering politicians will suffer. And society as a whole will suffer. Right now, thuggish activity has inertia. weak minded young people are buying into it. They have not the experience nor the foresight to realize that they must fail.

Barack Obama promised "hope and change". What he has delivered is "hopeless change". But change will come. It always does. True hope seems a lot harder to come by. 

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