Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Pitiful Press

Do you read or watch what is referred to as the "main stream media" by the low information crowd. They are easily identified. They are the line of drab pencil pushers and excessively sleek talking heads that are lined up, with lips at full pucker, behind Barack Obama and who are transferring en masse, to line up behind Hillary Clinton, just waiting for the chance to slobber upon the royal butt. (Try to unsee that picture.)

The older members of this legacy media should know better. They were brought up in the business in a time when reporters put aside their personal leanings because the story was the important thing. Many old-timers, especially in the print media, had no more than a high school education. 

They learned their trade on the job. They tended to start at small local papers writing obits and covering city council meetings. But, thanks to tough editors, they sank or swam. Those that swam best moved upward. But then the educational system reared its often ugly head.

Suddenly, the news had to be examined through a prism. That prism is most definitely liberal and idealistic in almost all cases. Research and confrontation have been replaced with the acceptance of press releases and softball questions.

At one time in my past, I was campaign manager for a few political campaigns. In that position, I wrote many press releases. These releases went to two newspapers. The very small local paper printed them pretty much unedited. As long as grammar and spelling were good, you got printed. 

The very much larger area newspaper was more discerning. Sometimes your releases got spiked. Sometimes they were heavily edited. Once in a while they published you whole. That was a long time ago when the news attempted to report fairly.

Those days are gone. I hope not forever. Surprisingly, the fairest take that I get on American political news comes from foreign sources, followed by those that lean conservative. The liberal press plays so far to the left that they can't even see the middle of the road. And that is just pitiful.

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