Thursday, August 11, 2016

Infrastructure, Really?

Hillary Clinton has just gone into the dusty and moldy back of Barack Obama's political closet, hauled out, dusted off, and put new lipstick on Barack's infernal economic recovery plan. The talking points have gone out far and wide. Pundits and news writers have been lined up and given their assignments. Speeches have been scrivened. 

Good times will soon be rolling. Hillary has a shiny new economic plan. Look everyone. The genius of it all. Tax the rich. Rebuild the infrastructure. Give free college educations. Oh, and by the way, bring in more "undocumented non-citizens". Yup, that'll do it. Everyone sing "Happy Times are Here Again".

Understand this, all Democrat (liberal) ideas come from a socialist thought base. When their ideas fail (always), they believe that they have not gone socialist enough. Tax more. Regulate more. Make the government bigger. Put the country deeper in debt. "That will do it."

No, it won't. It never has. Yes, we must keep up our roads and bridges. But the folks who work on roads and bridges represent a very small part of our country's work force. They do, however represent a substantial percentage of union workers. Unions, the Democrats friends. Much of the money doled out for infrastructure ends up with large contractors who are also large contributors to, guess who. A great deal of this money just seems to vanish. no broad spectrum of jobs is created.

As far as free college goes, it seems the more federal money involved, the fancier the schools get and the higher the price tag goes. Politicians never do understand the law of unforseen results.

John Kennedy understood the benefit of lowering taxes, which he did with great results. Even Bill Clinton understood the benefits of smaller government. Today's Democrats consider those two successes as extraneous to economic reality when they are actually the heart of economic success. Hillary's plan never worked before. It won't work now.

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