Thursday, August 18, 2016

Loud, Shrill, Strident, and Angry

While I have been resting my back, although I am ashamed to admit it, I've watched some TV. News, of course. OK, also a show I've grown fond of called "How It's Made". But the news has been edifying.

All Hillary and Donald. All day. Every day. Week after week. I've discovered a few things that I didn't get by reading print news. 

If Donald has taken a "chill pill" before he speaks, he is at least tolerable. Being a rich grown up kid, born into a rich family, he never developed those mental filters that most have to control what comes out of their mouth. Most of us learn to keep things to themselves, lest they be seen as foolish and thoughtless. Not Mr. Trump, and that is his biggest weakness.

Hillary has one voice. It is loud, shrill, strident, and angry. It is also grating and annoying. She has no reason to be angry, she has risen to a level that she never earned by doing things that most of us would be jailed for.

Beyond all of that, she has her own version of the truth, which she proclaims loudly, shrilly, stridently, and angrily, in spite of overwhelming evidence against her self-serving version. Worse yet, the many members of her media support club go into a self brain washing mode to attest to her veracity.

For the past eight years we have received daily lectures on our country's failings and our failings as a people from a self aggrandized, self proclaimed genius who history will label a grand failure. I, for one, do not want to listen to even four years of shrill left wing diatribes from the woman who sold the Lincoln bedroom.

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