Friday, August 5, 2016

None Of The Above

If we were ever in need of a "None of the Above" option on the presidential ballot, this is the time. Then, one might ask: "Don't we need a President? Doesn't there have to be a hand steering the Ship of State?"

Yes, we need a President. And I have a solution. We have a computer randomly pick a city, town, village, or burg in the United States. Then someone, blindfolded, opens the phone book for that locality to a random page. Then another person throws a dart. The name that is hit is our new President for four years.

One might ask: "Isn't that dangerous? Might we not get someone unqualified?" My answer is, we can't do much worse than what we have right now.

We have an elderly white woman with health issues, integrity issues, and husband issues. Beyond that she is as crooked as a hound dogs hind leg. She panders to any group that will vote liberal and is harsh, to put the best face on it, to underlings. Even worse, she believes that normal rules and laws do not apply to her, for she is special.

On the other side, we have a rumpled old white man, who is brash, loud, and seems to take pleasure in making people despise him. Like our present President, he doesn't know that he doesn't know what he doesn't know. That my friends is the definition of a fool. He may be a smart fool, but a fool none the less.

Mr. Trump actually has two things going for him. He seems to truly love America and he seems not to be possessed of the throat cutting avariciousness of his opposition.

It saddens me, that at a time when our country needs a great leader, we bypassed good people and got down to scraping the bottom of the barrel. Who knows, maybe Trump will win and be carried off by space aliens allowing Mike Pence to take over. One can only dream.

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