Monday, August 8, 2016

Fear Of Winning

The Republican party, for some reason, seems to have a collective fear of winning the Presidency of the United States. They seem to be more comfortable as the opposition. They love running the House of Representatives. They even enjoy an occasional foray into running the Senate. 

They have a "stay around long enough and you will get your turn" attitude about coming up with a candidate. Most, just don't show the fire needed to win the top slot. Nixon did. Reagan did. But Ford, Dole, McCain, and Romney, fine men all, but not hungry enough nor driven enough. Both Bushes won, but look who they defeated. W barely beat Al Gore who was trying to pass for human. HW won on two silly slogans. "A thousand points of light", whatever that means and "Read my lips, no new taxes".

HW failed on the tax promise and got soundly beaten by a "good ole boy" with a testosterone problem. W beat the mannequin, and proceeded to make more mis-steps than is good for a President. Both men love their country but were inept.

Because of all of this, the conservatives in fly-over-country are up in arms. They took the Republican mold for selecting a candidate and threw it up against the wall leaving it forever shattered. In doing this, they threw out some really good candidates and some OK candidates and picked the one farthest away from previous norms.

By doing this, and I can understand why they did, they have made this election one that, no matter who wins, America loses. We now have the two worst candidates that we could possibly have. It does not bode well for the next four to eight years. And beyond that, the next three decades that will be needed to clean up the mess.

All of this because the Republicans have a fear of winning.

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