Sunday, August 21, 2016

I Remember

 I remember when I could go fishing and catch a couple of fish for dinner without some loud mouth activist screaming at me.

I remember when hunting was an honorable pastime as it allowed folks to feed their families with good food at low cost.

I remember when farmers could farm their land and improve their property without the government getting in their face telling them what they must and must not do.

I remember when you could start your own business with a few dollars and a lot of guts.

I remember when your healthcare was between you and your doctor.

I remember when the government supported the family unit rather than financing it's dissolution.

I remember when Christianity was respected.

I remember when the government didn't support one religion over another. 

I remember when the Constitution was the law of the land not a pen and a phone.

I remember when the best politicians strove to be statesmen because they actually loved their country more than their party.

I remember when America wasn't a pushover.

I remember the good old days. May they rest in peace.

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