Monday, July 11, 2016

The Great Enabler

Last night I sat awake having a problem with an achy hip. As I was hoping for sleep my mind was wandering and I started thinking about Barack Obama. Having pain and being tired makes my mind play evil tricks.

Thinking that, since they called George Washington the "Father of our Country" and Abraham Lincoln the"Great Emancipator", we needed a name for our present President. Thinking about his record over the past seven plus years, I came up with the Great Enabler.

It started when he enabled the drug cartels to send straw buyers to gun shops in the United States to purchase firearms and smuggle them back into Mexico. They were going to track these weapons and close down the cross border gun trade. Someone forgot to tell those who were supposed to do the tracking, so the tracking never got done. But this massive error enabled those guns to be brought back into the US in the hands of criminals.

He enabled the IRS to harass conservative groups speaking out against the Presidents policies and enabled those employees of the IRS who were responsible to avoid paying the price.

He enabled people from other countries to cross our borders, live in our country, drive a car, vote, and get welfare. He enabled those from Muslim countries to come here, form enclaves, and promote sharia law in opposition to our Constitution.

He enabled racial division in this country worse than I have seen in my lifetime. He has enabled those that hate the police to feel justified and righteous taking the law into their own hands.

He has enabled grown men to follow young girls into a ladies rest rooms without fear of repercussion. He has enabled boys and men so inclined, to play sports as women, totally ruining the experience for those who have a true right to play the game.

He has enabled the one percent to get even richer over his term, while the middle class and the poor languish.

He has enabled the nation of Iran to act as if they were a super-power. To take American sailors prisoner and get away with it. The threaten our greatest ally in the Middle East with impunity. To Finance terrorism around the globe.

He has enabled the existence of ISIS.

He has enabled Vladimir Putin to reassert Russian dreams of the old and failed USSR and for China to create a Chinese hegemony in the South China Sea. 

With a record like that, he certainly deserves the title, "The Great Enabler.


  1. Way to much truth an common sense, your wisdom is overwhelming, thanks for being a free spirit.

  2. Way to much truth an common sense, your wisdom is overwhelming, thanks for being a free spirit.