Friday, July 15, 2016

An Open Letter To France

To the people of France, our prayers are with you. Once again, you are in the midst of a war that you had no part in starting, a war that has been waged for over a century. This is a war waged by Fundamental Islam against all who they see as infidel. 

France was one of the first victims of this war back in 676 AD, when Muslim armies attacked Tours. What we are facing today, is that same war. It is a war supported by those that accept the Quran as the immutable word of Allah as disclosed by their prophet Muhammad. The word is the law and true believers must obey.

Some obey by acquiescence, some by support, and some by taking part in what has been labeled Jihad. Those believers that would support an Islamic reformation are mostly silent for fear of their lives. Such thoughts alone make them infidel.

I believe President Hollande to be a strong and motivated man. All of France should stand with him. But France cannot fight back alone. The newly independent Great Britain would be a worthy ally, as would Israel. I am embarrassed to admit that my own country would not be a reliable ally at this time. Pray God, that will change soon.

While we are civilized people, they fight in the most uncivilized way possible. Meanwhile they strive for ever more powerful weapons. When they feel they have reached a tipping point, they will not hesitate to open the gates of hell. Armageddon is their goal.

Civilized people everywhere must realize that this is a true world war, in every sense. And we have all let the enemy into our tents, so to speak. We must guard our homes and our borders. We must stand as one. We must void ourselves of suicidal political correctness. Civilization depends on it and this is Frances' opportunity to lead.

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  1. Sadly, what you have written is correct.

    Personally, i think it is too late for Europe. I'd like to think that they can regain control of their security, but there as so many in their countries who wish them harm that it will be very difficult for them to do so.

    I do hope that our country will see what we are inviting in along with some legitimate refugees and try not to allow our country to put itself in the same predicament that has befallen France and other countries in Europe.

    This is, as you correctly state, a continuation of a long running conflict that goes back centuries.

    Let's hope that America quits fooling itself with political correctness and gets back to doing what is right and helping those currently under attack. Otherwise, we will be next.

    Wishing you the best. I hope that your hip is better today. Take care....Roger