Monday, July 18, 2016

The Police Are Surrounded

I do not mean that the police are literally surrounded. I mean it in a more figurative sense. There are those at the top and those at the bottom, and both  mean to do harm. But in, oh such different ways. One group with words and the other with bullets.

First of all, let's all offer up a prayer for those who have cruelly and unjustly been taken from us. Also pray for those still willing to go out on the streets in spite of the abject evil of those stalking them to do even more harm.

The greatest danger to our police comes from people at the top. They are building the narrative that feeds the anger of the minority population. Some of those at the top are public people who's names we know. The president. Nancy Palozzi. The Black Political Caucus. Harry Reid. And a large cast of far left pols. 

The tale of racism in the police departments is supported by a liberal press who see every card drawn from the deck as a race card. But the most important are those that finance these protests. Does anyone really believe that these protests are spontaneous gatherings of interested citizens. Please. They are well planned and paid for. 

I understand that the going rate for a protester is five thousand dollars a month and all you can loot. Transportation is provided. That is why some faces show up at every fracas no matter where.

Once again, those at the top of the heap are manipulating those who are most needy or most greedy. Nothing new there. But among the most needy, there are always a few who become true believers. Their belief compels them to take action. 

Sometimes these true believers act on their own. A few have military skills. Most just act in deranged anger. There are also those out there who will assist them with guns, ammo, explosives, what ever they need to create chaos. 

When an group proclaims a need for violence and murder, they have gone over to the ranks of terrorist organizations. I include in this, Black Lives Matter and the Nation of Islam. One more point. Every police chief and sheriff in the country should require protective armor and tactical helmets for all officers and all officers should travel in pairs. 

Protect the cops. We need them.

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