Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Random Thoughts - Eighty-Three

Last night, as I have for many years, I watched the Boston Pops Independence Day celebration. I was hugely disappointed. The magnificent Boston Pops orchestra was relegated to being a bit part player supporting two mediocre talents with a program aimed exclusively toward teeny-boppers with barely a hint of the great patriotic music I had hoped for. I shall not waste my time next year.

That nice chummy meeting, on the tarmac, between old pals, Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch, just made me wonder how many chummy meetings they may have had in Bill's glory days. And, of course, it is a coincidence that the day after, Hillary said the she would like to keep Ms. Lynch on as AG. Now I don't want anyone thinking that there may have been influence buying or selling there. I am sure this is all perfectly innocent. Right?

So now Air Force One has become the campaign bus for Hillary and the President. In your face America!

So now we find out that Hillary sent her daily calendar to be incinerated. That was government property that was supposed to be archived. She knew that. But she is the new queen. Welcome to the monarchy of America. When will they be bringing out those guillotines that they have stored away?

With a good VP pick and a more presidential manner, Donald Trump could pull this out. He may not be the perfect choice, but compared to Hillary, he is George Washington and Superman, rolled into one.

I enjoy the Sunday evening show, "The Insiders", on Fox News. But Doug Schoen's sickening smirk when he gloats that Hillary is ahead in the polls is getting to me. He may be her friend, but that should give him even better insight as to how she would handle the presidency. 

I was beginning to lose faith in my Red Sox, but they seem to be coming back strong. Hey, every team slumps once in a while. They seem to need some immediate changes made in the pitching staff. I can think of three who have exceeded their "sell by" date.

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  1. Hey CC! The only thing worse than Hillary getting off, again, was that she and her buddy came to the city i was born in to start their rallies. Boo to them both. Hope that you are doing well. Take care...Roger