Wednesday, July 20, 2016

A Right To Be Wrong

In the case of this little essay, we will define wrong as being divergent from the opinions held dear by the liberal elite. With most people true or false is an absolute term. With liberals, everything is relative.

But Hillary has a cure. If she should become President, (please God, don't let it happen) she would open "Fun Camps" where dissenters could be sent for re-education. Probably similar to other fun camps like those in Russia, China, and North Korea. 

Really? In the land of the free and the brave, a presidential candidate wants to open American gulags. That is, far and away, the most frightening thing I have heard in years.

Then there are those wonderful state Attorneys General who, at the suggestion of that great liberal thinker, Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, wanted to sue companies and organizations that differ from the liberal cant on global warming. Or climate change. Or global climate chaos. Or whatever divisive name they are calling it now.

Climate science, like any other science, needs disagreement by a peer structure. Otherwise we would still believe the sun circles a flat earth. Liberals don't seem to understand that science is not a political decision.

We must also include Attorney General Loretta Lynch, a member of the DCC, (Democrat Criminal Conspiracy) who would prosecute those who speak of Islam in anything but positive and glowing terms. She deems that hate speech, therefore prosecutable. Apparently her copy of the Constitution has had the First Amendment removed. Of course, she has no such problems with Christianity or Judaism. 

It is strange times in which we live that American people, particularly high ranking American officials, think like this. It is not only strange, it is dangerous. It is Orwellian. I pray that Americans who go to the polls this November think very carefully about where they place their vote. Those "Fun Camps" won't be much fun.

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