Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Don't Interfere

When someone you disagree with is, single-handedly, destroying their own argument, stand out of the way and let them. In that spirit, this will probably be a very short essay. I am referring to the Democrat debacle in Philadelphia. Though in this case it is not a single handed effort. They are all just champing at the bit to go politically suicidal.

The decor of the arena is a tribute to the Democrat party. Gray, dull, and missing the American flag. Suddenly to these elitist intelligentsia the United States has just become a wide spot in the road to globalism. Their dreams of a massive federal government are only exceeded by the nightmare of an even more massive global government.

What a great idea to let twenty something aides and staff, email their fondest ideas of ways to disrupt the opposition through lies, innuendo, and false flag plots. Just let their most destructive impulses roam free and in writing. Hey, what are the chances that it will ever become public and take down the chairman of the DNC.

The best move at that point is obviously to turn the gavel over to the Mayor of Baltimore who, when Baltimore was under siege, told the police to stand back and give their local thugs room to destroy homes and businesses.

Speakers are very important at a political convention. They set the tone for the next four years. With the rash of murders of police officers lately, it might have been nice to invite some of their family members to remember the lives of those who have fallen in service to their communities.

That is not to be. Instead they have chosen to have the families of those killed in confrontations with police, casting doubt on the police and exacerbating the problems of the inner cities. Mistakes do happen, but most of the time it's cops versus thugs. I'll take the cops, thank you.

So, much of the attending crowd is Bern-ing up. Their shouts and jeers play well to those of us in fly over country. We all know that they are living back in the power politics of the past. Power is never given away. It must be torn from the hands of those that wield it. That will not be this year in Democrat land.

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