Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Delete The Political Elite

It is way past time to delete the political elite. They have overstayed their welcome. Most have betrayed their oath. Most care not a whit for the country or its citizens. They care only for themselves and the wealth and power that they gain through their high offices.

To be clear, I am not referring to just the liberal elite. With a few rare exceptions, the eternal members of both parties are guilty. Those who arrived in Washington with no intent to ever leave. Most that come to our great capitol, even if they have stars in their eyes and a desire to serve, soon get corrupted.

Human nature makes us all similar in many ways. There are those in Washington who understand that and specialize in the manipulation of the gullible and the greedy. Very few politicians end their careers poor. Just look at the money that the Obamas have accrued in twelve sort years. Very little of that was from salaries.

Washington is the public equivalent of a J.C. Penny store. Everything has a price tag. Pay the price and your fondest desires will be delivered. But if you don't bring money or large blocs of votes to the party, you get the left over dregs from the garbage.

To prove a point, look at the veterans who have sacrificed so much for our country. Look at the way those in Washington treat these brave men and women when they are in need. They are sloughed off like so much detritus by uncaring civil servants who have poor, if any, management.

Competence is a liability. Just do what you are told. Directions come down from the top. Pass it on down and do what you are ordered. No one ever gets fired and unearned bonuses are the order of the day.

The disruption of this years presidential campaigns show that people are catching on and they are angry. I only hope they stay angry for a good long time and clean out the mess that is our political elite.


  1. Good evening CC. Just wanted to thank you for your blog posts! You describe what i think about these topics very well. I try to read your posts every day or so. Take care....Roger

    1. I thank you for your support. I don't write a new blog every day. My aim is two or three a week. If my mused moves me, more. Sometimes less. My next one will take some time, for research and thought. It is work that I enjoy, but it is work.