Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Big Thumb

Back, many many years ago, when people actually went to a butcher shop to purchase meat, some butchers were wont to turn a pound of hamburg into a pound and a quarter by the careful application of their thumb to the scale. Now, most of us go to supermarkets and never even see a butcher. So today, the thumb on the scale technique is seldom, if ever, a problem. With butchers, that is.

We do, in this modern world, have one person with a big fat heavy thumb who is not above, not so subtly, applying said thumb to the scales of justice. That, of course, is our constantly commenting President, Barack Obama.

Either he thinks that the American people are so stupid that he is sneaking one by us, or he just doesn't care. The first big incident was when his friend,Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates, got into it with the Cambridge police. The police went to a breaking and entering call. Dr. Gates rightly claimed ownership of the property. It is still police procedure to clear the house and make sure it is really safe. Dr. Gates stirred up a fuss and was arrested for disorderly conduct. 

So the President gets on TV and claims a lack of knowledge but "the Cambridge police acted stupidly". No, the Cambridge police acted properly, it was Dr. Gates who was arrogant and stupid.

The same took place over the story of Treyvon Martin and the situation in Ferguson, Missouri. He cannot resist the opportunity to opine even when proper decorum would be to stay silent. There are just some times where Presidential interference is just wrong.

But now we have the most egregious example of the big fat thumb on the scales. Mr. Obama is publicly discussing every aspect of the investigation into Hillary Clinton. He is, without a doubt, sending grossly unsubtle messages to both the FBI and Loretta Lynch. With severe criminal charges involved, the President is making light of the situation. 

Mr. Obama has put himself above the law, and now he is doing the same for Secretary Clinton, even though he denies it. If he succeeds, we are no longer a nation of laws.

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  1. Let me express my thanks for a excellent and well reasoned post. The only change I would make is at the end...whether he succeeds or not, we are already at the point where we are no longer a nation of laws.