Monday, April 25, 2016


The elitist politically correct geniuses are at it again.  Through some bizarre thought process they have decided that, if I eat a taco, I am usurping Mexican heritage. And all the time, I thought I was just enjoying lunch. And to think of all of the times that I have eaten Kung Pao Chicken.

As a matter of fact, I am a serial offender. Polish, Hungarian, Italian, Chinese, French, German, I love them all. I have even done ethnic cooking myself. I am doomed.

I assume that all of the Taco Bells and Chipoltes that are owned by non-Mexicans will have their franchises revoked and be closed, immediately. Chinese restaurants all seem to be run by Chinese, so they are safe. But since only Chinese can eat there in an honest embracing of their heritage, will there be enough business for them to survive.

Will a person ordering an Italian Sub at Subway be required to have DNA proof of his bloodline? Can I no longer drink German beer? Must I forgo my morning bagel. These difficult questions scream for answers. 

May I no longer dream of owning an Audi or a Mercedes? As I have some French blood will I be forced into a Puegeot? I'll keep my American made white mini-van for a while longer. Im safe on all counts with that.

A while back, when we went to Paris, I attempted to greet people and ask basic questions with what little French I know. I was told before we left, that they appreciate the gesture. It seemed to work. We were treated nicely. Now I find that I was insulting them.

Yessir, every time I turn around these twenty-something geniuses with no experience and little knowledge, find a way to make me change how I look at the world. The way I am looking at it now is that we all have to just start ignoring these fools.

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