Friday, April 22, 2016

Freedom Revisited

Back in 1787, when the Constitution was signed, we were the most free nation on the planet. We had shed the onus of the rule by King George III and declared that we were a democratic republic. 

The early years were difficult. England took another shot, being the War of 1812. Surviving that, we built a navy equal to or better than the, so called, great nations. We were a free country populated by a free populous. We were farmers and trappers and hunters and frontiersmen. 

We moved our frontiers out and built towns, then cities. We populated the country, raising crops and cattle and pigs and sheep along the way. We had no limits. The government did what a government should do. 

The government protected our borders. They staved off foreign incursions. They protected the rights of citizens to live without government interference. Those were the good old days.

But as governments do, ours grew. And as governments unfortunately do, we acquired a breed of professional politicians. While they were busy growing a nation, our ancestors did not do what they should have been done, and squashed that trend before it got a foothold.

As our ancestors didn't, and we are inheriting the fruits of their negligence. To put it bluntly, the current crop of power hungry candidates, for lack of a better word, would not be welcome to a dinner party in my home. There is not one of them that I would care to call an acquaintance, never mind a friend.

People, we can, and must, do better. States Rights, America first, the Constitution of the United States of America, it is not like we don't have a road map. Recover American freedoms now, or we will lose them forever.

This election cycle seems to be a dead issue. lord knows that Hillary or Bernie will be ten steps backward. Anyone on the Republican side will be no better than a place holder. People, get serious. You are losing the greatest country that the world has ever seen. Step up and fight for America's future.

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