Sunday, April 10, 2016


We have become the United States of the disunited people. It has become the national pastime to take offense. Every remark, whether public or private, is examined in detail to find any excuse for complaint.

College students, who should find debate a learning experience, are traumatized by being exposed to opinions that differ from their own. Administrators who allow dispute on campus become the target of single minded lynch mobs. A questioning glance has become a criminal act called micro-aggression. 

Never turn away from a perceived act of aggressiveness. If someone cuts a line or bumps your elbow, start swinging. Better yet have a bunch of friends with you and turn it into a brawl. That'll show them.

Find a cause. Any cause. The more outrageous the better. Get a bunch of like minded people involved, have signs printed, and find a public forum where you can protest. Remember, the more outrageous, the more people you will anger. Meetings involving politicians, public officials, or college administrators are fertile ground for disruption.

America has become an angry country. It wasn't this bad when people really had something to be angry about. Fighting the Jim Crow laws and fighting for civil rights always started as peaceful demonstrations. The violence in most cases was brought by those insisting on the status quo. 

For the past decade or more there has been a concerted effort to separate the American people into groups. Then these groups have been manipulated. Some have been encouraged to think their cause is preeminent, while others have had their causes downplayed as worthless.

There has been a movement to create an equality of outcome while we should be concerned with equality of opportunity. The result has been a diminishing of everyone's progress except for the rich and powerful. There are those who are trying to take down America from the inside. We are allowing them to succeed.

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