Thursday, April 14, 2016

How To Make A Terrorist.

I never knew how easy it is to create a terrorist. According to Hillary Clinton, it merely requires the ownership of a firearm. That amazes and befuddles me. According to Ms. Clinton, "the minority of Americans who own guns terrorize the great majority of Americans who do not". 

So, apparently, since our country's founding, a large chunk of the citizenry have been terrorists. I wonder if she includes the heroes who fought the British and gave us our freedom from tyranny. But then, hasn't it been proven many times that a disarmed populace is subject to tyranny. Perhaps she feels that the tyranny of the left is appropriate for us so that our lives can be directed by our intellectual betters. 

Another note to Ms. Clinton. Gun owners in America are not the small majority that you say they are. And I think you know that. Just because people don't run around brandishing firearms does not mean that they do not possess one or more. Many people who own a gun for home protection prefer for it not to be known. 

I once lived in a first floor apartment with a sliding glass door off of the living room. It was just off of a main road that connected to a seamier side of town by about a mile. I had a loaded handgun on a high shelf less than five feet from where I slept. I never needed it, but I was always more comfortable knowing it was there.

As I was an active sport shooter, I spent much time in the company of good folks who enjoyed firearms, whether for hunting or target shooting. I have never known one of those good people to be a terrorist. I will bear witness, as I am sure many others will, that the society of active shooters and gun owners in this country are a peaceful lot. But most are prepared to protect, not only themselves, but their neighbors, should the need arise.

I believe that Hillary actually knows all this. But it is her nature to grab onto any cause that will enhance her standing with her liberal political base. It is the liberal cant that guns are fine for them as they are morally superior but not for the "great unwashed masses in fly over country" as they cannot be trusted.

The protections that we have in our Constitution were written by intellectual giants. Those that wish to change it today are intellectual midgets. Protect our Constitution.

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  1. I agree with you on just about everything in this article. You have a great blog. I believe that the only way to change without violence is through chaos. I'm a Trump man because he scares the heck out of the governmental elite around the world.