Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Really? Who Cares?

It's a hot political season and people like to opine. Public people just love to opine publicly. Some even get paid for it as talking heads on what are supposed to be news shows but are actually more like propaganda.

These shows make some sense when those involved have been involved in the political arena and have some actual insight into the personalities and the political process. There is one Sunday show that I like, that has a well informed moderator, two Democrats, and a Republican in a good four way discussion. The reason that I like it is that the political figures are pretty much disgusted with everybody and everything. It is probably the most honest show out there.

The rest of the programs all seem to be grinding the usual axes. Some try to claim it as analysis but the disguise is pretty thin. That especially goes for that guy with the big brain, the big white board, and the big grease pencil. 

At the next level, thing deteriorate pretty quickly. There is one intolerable hot mess that does deserve mention. It is a daytime show where a bunch of the most air headed women that have ever walked the earth discuss current issues with a guest. If the guest is of a liberal persuasion they just toss softballs. It just gets saccharin and boring. But if the guest is conservative they reach way down in their collective bag of dumbness and come up with questions that would embarrass a nine year old. Then they go off on diatribes about how the world should be run. That is if you had an urge to destroy civilization. 

But the cherry on the sundae is the show biz types. You know. Various guys named Justin. Older women named Bette or Meryl or Susan and oh so many more. Some even promise to show us how important they are to us by leaving the country if the wrong candidate wins. 

Well, just because you've made a ton of money in show business doesn't mean your smart or well informed. It does mean that you are probably very self centered and think the universe revolves around you first and Hollywood second. I doubt that many of you read much beyond scripts and Variety. 

Everyone should have opinions, even Hollywood types. But as far as announcing their opinions to the world. Really? Who cares? 

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