Sunday, April 17, 2016

Self Interest

Stop! Stop right now. Forget about Republican. Forget about Democrat. Forget about liberal. Forget about conservative. They have all sold you down the river. We need for America to utterly change their voting habits.

People need to start voting in their own self interest. If you are poor or foolish, that means, in this election, you will vote for Bernie Sanders. All he promises is to give something for nothing. Of course he will bring the country to it's financial knees by doing this but, hey, free food, free college, a free ride if your too lazy to work. What could be better?

Thankfully, people that totally dumb are in the minority. But the great mass of middle class Americans could make a real difference if they spurned those party labels and the bushels of horse puckey that those extolling those labels rain down on us. 

From city council on up, we need issues oriented voting. This is not as easy as it may seem. One has to be aware of the issues and develop an understanding of them. One needs to have a grasp of possible solutions and hold candidates feet to the fire on their positions. Candidate with the best solutions gets the vote.

Beware. Many politicians first and best solution for any problem is to throw money at it. That is your money they are throwing around and, many times sharing with friends and supporters. We can force them to cut back on flagrant waste, but it takes effort.

And, dear God in Heaven, now more than ever we need term limits. The pigs are allowed too long at the trough. No office holder should be allowed to stay in office more than twelve years. That's two terms for Senators. And once those twelve years have been served they would be ineligible to run for any national office but President, if they so choose.

We have been left behind by those that now seek to rule us. We must take the power out of their hands and return it to it's proper and fitting place. In the hands of good American citizens.


  1. Cranky,
    As I have emailed you in the past I am more of a Centrist and feel that our problems come from both Liberals and Conservatives. Both are taking away our freedom bit by bit.
    Unfortunately, voting for a Libertarian (or any other party) would be a waste of a vote unless more people did the same.
    We not only need term limits we need to change the stranglehold the two-party system has on us.
    Sadly the USA has become no different corruption wise than any other country.
    Until Conservatives really understand the Gold & Power Rules nothing will change. And until Liberals understand freedom with responsibility, nothing will change.
    I figure I have 10-15 more years and I don't expect to see any change in a direction that will lead to real freedom and equality for everyone.


    1. I do believe that that was the point that I was trying to make.No one understands the Golden Power rule better than I. however, I understand the power of the mass of middle class voters that can put these fools Unfortunately I also understand the power of a citizen militia that has had enough. You probably have more time than I, but I hope we can regain the Republic before it goes too far.