Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Family Faith Future

America is losing things that they need. To use a phrase that seems to be somewhat common now, we are becoming unbundled. I know it is not the "good old days" any longer and "Leave It To Beaver" is but a faint memory, but we seem to be losing much of what used to unify us as a family, a community, and as a nation.

In the olden days, back when we were bringing up our family, a strong unifying factor for family and community was the church. We attended most Sundays, worked in the kitchen for church suppers, and generally put in our time toward the necessary tasks that make a church an extended family and a keystone in the community.

Somehow church going has fallen out of style for many. Partially from laziness, but much from the feeling that attending services and believing in God is childish and unsophisticated. The pseudo sophisticates of today, being the elite and deep thinkers that they believe themselves to be, profess that if you can't feel it, if you can't hold it in your hand, if you can't spend it, it does not exist. 

Faith is difficult. I have always considered faith more of a search than a position. There are those that can take things on faith and never question. I was never one of those people. In my heart, I questioned everything. Much of it, I kept in my heart and never spoke of to anyone.

Now, in my reclining years, I see and understand thing that I never did before. Because of this my faith grows. I have learned one thing that I am sure of, those that claim to know what God would do or what God would think, are full of themselves and are as wrong as the atheists who disdain any belief at all.

Our future as a people and as a country is in question. The current political crop have seen to divide us and turn us against one another. This is not without purpose. And as always, the purpose with politicians is power.

If we return to faith and family we can rebuild our sense of community. Doing this we can take back the power and keep it where our Constitution intended it to be. God bless America.

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