Saturday, October 24, 2015

The Last Of Benghazi

I started writing about Benghazi almost three years ago. I hope this will be the last time that I write about that tragedy. I knew almost immediately that we were being played by the administration because too many things didn't make sense. I encouraged people to go after the truth. I was sure that the day would come and the truth would be known.

Over time, hints and rumors were revealed that allowed us something pretty close to the real story. And it was ugly. But as is typical of the Obama administration in general and Hillary Clinton in particular, obfuscation preceded any truth. Documents were denied and facts were spun. E-mails were wiped and servers were hidden in bathrooms, lest real responsibility be doled out.

Trey Gowdy is a true American hero. He continued, in the most professional manner, to dig for the truth. He did this in spite of the minority members of his committee being part and parcel of the cover up. E-mails were finally found and delivered to the committee. Ms. Clinton was brought before the committee. The truth was presented. 

Ms. Clinton went into full Clintonian mode. Deny, deny, deny. What can't be denied, dis-remember. What can't be denied or dis-remembered, spin. And that is what she did. Including blaming Ambassador Stevens for not getting increased security, because he was "kidding". Really. An American ambassador in one of the most dangerous parts of the world asks for more security personnel, and she thinks he is kidding?

So the rumor was floated that a third level aide named Kennedy denied the request and Hillary never heard about it. That is just not believable that such a denial would be made without the Secretary's approval. But Hillary smirked and smiled and threw up her hands in victory when her questioning was over. It was reminiscent of an end zone celebration at a pro football game. And just as unbecoming.

Those of us that care, now know most of the truth. What we still don't know is why there was no military intercession. One Spectre gunship or a couple of F-18s could have broken up that attack before those men were killed. It has been said that both assets were available and could have been there in time. Why were they not brought in and who made that decision?

But it was Hillary's State Department. It was Hillary's ambassador. And it was Hillary's deal in Benghazi. She failed. She does not deserve to be President.

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