Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Greed Of Atheism

Atheists are a greedy bunch. Not only greedy but downright nasty. Our country is supposed to operate their way or hit the highway. Their opinion must take full precedence. No other opinions matter.

Most Christians and Jews have a comfortable "live and let live" life style. They feel that everyone has a right to their own opinion. They may feel that you are wrong. They may even try to convince you that there is a better way. Barring anything satanic, they won't get all in a snit if you publicly display your religious symbol to celebrate your holiday. They didn't bat an eye when the government made up Kwanzaa as a holiday. I'm still not sure if that is religious or secular.

But atheists seem not to be like us. They are easily offended and get weak kneed at the sight of any public display of a religious symbol. Even if it has historical significance. One might even say that they get hysterical about the historical.

To make matters even worse, they all seem to have atheist team lawyers on speed dial. The mere sight of a cross or a menorah gets a call made within seconds. A Creche in the town square will bring out the whole law firm. Even the managing partner who hasn't left the office in twenty-five years.

Since most city fathers and city solicitors are gutless wonders, totally concerned with their political careers, the well hooked up atheists usually get their way. What we have here is the tyranny of the minority. That is because we are placid people willing to turn the other cheek. 

People, we have to put a stop to this. Those that try to take away our freedom of religion so that they can have freedom from religion are just wrong. They really need to learn how to share. We need to stand up and they need serious counseling.

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