Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nanny Care vs. Opportunity

In the Democrat debate between the two relevant candidates, the other three eminently forgettable non-entities being irrelevant, the contest seemed to be about who could give more taxpayer money away to those who have done nothing to earn it.

There was an elderly gray haired man who would convert the USA into Denmark or Sweden. The state will take most of your earnings in the form of taxes, leaving you with a small allowance.  Then the state will pay for the basic needs of producers, non-producers, and even those that get dumped there from some turmoil ridden area of the globe. The problem being, as Margaret Thatcher said, "eventually socialists run out of other peoples money".

Then there was an elderly blond (not really blond), with no sense of style, who swerved even farther left making tons of promises that our collective checkbook can't cover. As she is a well known stretcher of the truth, like Benghazi, it just doesn't matter at this time. These are promises that she has no intention of keeping anyway. This is a woman who would sell her soul to be the first woman President. And she may well have done.

Neither of these people represent the America that I know and love. Actually, at this point in time, very few of these self aggrandizing Washington elitists represent my America. Of all those running for President, the ones that I have any faith in at all, I can count on one hand. And I don't even need my thumb. 

America was built on freedom and opportunity. I believe most Americans want that again. They don't believe in a country over regulated by a bunch of greedy politicians passing out favors for gain and wrapping the populous in a cotton blanket of false care so that they don't realize what they have lost.

Americans work hard. They play hard. They do not do well with capricious controls. Most know the Bill of Rights and the protections it provides. Liberals hate those protections because they love control. They foolishly believe that they are intellectually entitled. They are teaching our young people to accept this. We would do well to teach them properly at home, as many already are. Nanny state, never. Opportunity, forever.   

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