Sunday, October 18, 2015

Stand Up

The State Department says that Christianity is under attack around the world. Judaism is also but that would never be spoken of by the Obama State Department. The attacks in foreign climes are mostly from Islamist groups. Particularly ISIS. What they call ISIL. Our President seems eager to cede them the Levant. That is a leap that, I am sure, Israel and Jordan are not prepared to make.

Christianity is also under attack in this country, by the far left, atheists, and the ACLU. If you are part of a Christian organization that takes political stands, you will be targeted by Homeland Security, the IRS, and the Department of Justice. Plan on it. And don't expect any support from the Southern Law Poverty Center or the NAACP.

It is coming time where, not only Christians, but all Americans who respect and love the Constitution and believe in the freedoms delineated in the Bill of Rights have to stand and take a position. The camel of governmental control has more than his nose in our tent. It is in here full head and shoulders, and he is tramping on our rights. Even as they are telling us that they plan to go even further.

If you haven't read George Orwell's classic "1984", do so. And pretend that the title is "2024". If some of that book doesn't creep you out because it sounds familiar, you haven't been paying attention.

Young people don't have the perspective of time to realize how intrusive the government is today. Find a politically aware curmudgeon over sixty-five and have a long discussion.  When the government starts pushing religious organizations around, and they are, they have stepped over a line they should never cross. 

Stand up now if you love freedom, or lose it forever.

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