Monday, October 26, 2015

A Sense Of Privilege

The trouble with liberals, they like to think of themselves as "progressives", is that they have a sense of privilege. They are the, self-described, intellectual elite. They don't care for physical work as that makes one sweat. So they prefer to think about things and talk about things and make up grandiose schemes. In warm weather these occupations can be done under air conditioning so as to remain sweat free.

Since they incessantly talk about these grandiose schemes, they always end up with a consensus among their fellow elites. If one is part of this deep thinking group one knows that it is intentions that matter. Actual result are far less important and outright failure proves nothing.

The fact of the matter is that most of their schemes fail. Since they base their efforts on people and societies doing the "right" thing as they define it, failure is inevitable. People and societies operate in their own perceived self interest. They are more concerned with results than theory. 

So when the "intellectual elites" gain power, society becomes a social experiment. They see it as the opportunity to show the world the overwhelming greatness of their collective thought. So we end up with a weak military, open borders, political correctness, universal abortion, gay marriage, the IRS used as a political enforcer, and a nineteen trillion dollar debt. You get wars that aren't wars. You get Islamic jihadists beheading Christians. Then you get Christians and Jews being called terrorists and the jihadis being called....... nothing at all. 

Many of the things that have been done are criminal in nature. Our Justice Department seems to be giving every illegal action a pass. And that is the reason that Democrats are holding their noses and lining up behind Hillary. If a Republican gets in, a new Justice Department can re-examine all that has been done. A Democrat will offer cover until the Statute of Limitations runs out. 

So we can support criminals with a sense of privilege or we can try to clean up the mess they are leaving us with.

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