Monday, October 19, 2015


I have heard complaints that the Democrat Presidential candidates are not diverse enough. If you judge simply on the basis of skin tone, that would seem to be true. But we are told not to judge a person by the color of their skin. Perhaps there are other factors that need examination to show diversity.

First the obvious. To be thorough, I am assuming that Joe Biden will become part of the field. So that would give us an elderly, happy, but somewhat confused Vice President, an elderly, angry, harridan of an ex-Secretary of State, and an elderly, whacked out, socialist, Senator. I'm starting to see some diversity already.

Now, two are male and one is female. But at their age I'm not sure it matters anymore. Hey, diversity is where you find it. I believe there are three other candidates making a run for the nomination, but as I can't remember their names, I doubt anyone else can.

OK, onward. You have one that always has a big grin. You have one that always has a big frown. And you have one whose eyes kind of glaze over. I think that the one with the big grin has it because the other two have gone so far left that all anyone can see is their backsides as they race each other into fiscal oblivion.

And support structure. One is supported by a sitting President. One is supported by an ex President. And one is well loved by Fidel Castro. That is pretty diverse. When you come right down to it, you would think that the political party that produced FDR and JFK could do better. 

Have they gone so far into the stagnant pools of leftist big government thinking the no bright young minds are willing to follow? When times are bad and your solution is higher taxes and more regulation, all the diversity in the world is not going to make for a candidate that is good for America.

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