Thursday, October 22, 2015

Not A Crime

Practicing ones religion is not a crime. Practicing it publicly is protected by the Constitution. Although many people seem to be of such a weak nature that they are shocked and offended at the merest sign of a religious activity. Have we reverted to the depravity of ancient Rome where practicing Christians used the secret sign of the fish to identify themselves to the like minded.

Last week a high school football player from upstate New York scored a touchdown. As many professional players do in multiple sports, he raised his index finger toward the sky to give thanks to God. The referee immediately penalized him for taunting. So, the referee is not a sports fan and is unfamiliar with this practice or he has bad vision and didn't correctly see which finger was raised or he is a lout and an atheist and brought his hate for Christians onto the field. 

If the first is true, I think it very odd that a man that referees football would not be a fan of sports in general and football in particular. But, could happen. This might stand as an excuse. If either of the other two are true, he shouldn't be refereeing. 

I am not a fan of full grown professional athletes doing silly girly dances in the end zone looking like fools. I also dislike the trash talking garbage that goes on in sports today. Those are taunting. Raising one finger as you go to the sidelines or round the bases is harmless and, certainly, not taunting. The referee that penalized him was wrong and owes that young man and his parents an apology. 

What I would like to see is every player in every game in the division where this referee works raise a finger when they score in support of this player. If they get a penalty, accept it and move on. Then go on doing it each and every score. Make a point of the principle for the principle is more important than the game.

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