Saturday, October 3, 2015


As much as I enjoy listening to it, I am not writing about Beethoven's Sonata No. 8, Opus 13. As a matter of fact, I am listening to it as I write this. Once again I must target my writing where, in the best of times, I could write not one word. Would that I could. Truthfully, I would prefer a President who is quietly effective and I could write on other subjects. But........

Pathetique. Politely French for pathetic. The best description that I can conceive of for our inordinately incompetent President. When the President speaks, as he does far too often, explaining that everything is going just as he planned, I can't help but think of the punch line of that old joke about a mother who's son is in a marching band. "Everybody's out of step but my Johnny". It seems the whole word is out of step but Barack.

Back, standing before Greek columns, he bragged that he would restore the economy, heal the rift between the races, and bring peace to the world. In hindsight, that is totally laughable.

The economy is worse than it has been since the depression. Fewer people are working than since 1978. Middle class incomes are down. The poor, particularly those of color, are disproportionately harmed. Housing is slowing. Job creation is less than the number entering the work force and illegal aliens are taking most of the jobs available. Is that how our President planned to restore the economy?

As far as any rift between the races, that is getting wider and more violent by the day. Black agitators are now calling for violent attacks on whites. They are telling blacks to gang up and hunt down and beat isolated whites. Sneak up behind cops and shoot them. Recently a veteran accidentally bumped a black man in a restaurant. He apologized. When he left the restaurant, he was sucker punched and jumped by a gang of black men. He nearly died. Black anger is being stoked daily. And they are taking it out on the wrong people.

Obama's abandonment of America's place as a strong world leader has started a fire in the Middle East that could end up as WWIII. But, just a few minutes ago, I saw him on TV, once again, bragging about how he now has Putin exactly where he wants him. Horse puckey. He is at sea in international affairs without a compass. Mr. Obama is truly pathetique.

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